Take Your Dog To Work Day

To most of us lucky enough to have a 4-pawed furry companion, our barking buddies are more than just the Official Fetcher of Tennis Balls and Frisbees. They are also excellent listening friends, especially when you need to vent, unwind and take something off your chest. They wouldn't also mind watching a movie with us every-once-in-a-while. But more, importantly, the unparalleled/valuable companionship that they extend us ought to be reciprocated by rare treats every once in a while. And how about we show them what it is like to bring home the bacon this summer for a change? So, mark your calendars this year on June 23rd, it is PSI's Take Your Dog to Work Day.

The Background

PSI ( Pet Sitter International ) started this day almost 20 years ago in 1999 as a way of promoting a deep integration of our four-legged companions in our day-to-day lives. Ever since then, dog owners have been encouraged to bring their barking buddies to work and let them have a glimpse of the modern day rat race. Customarily, it is commemorated on the first Friday after Father's Day in a national event that also seeks to promote puppy adoptions from rescue centers and shelters, for those who are yet to own one.

Apart from taking your canine to work, you can also contribute to this day by;

1. Organizing a Dog's Welfare Fundraiser at your Place of Work

In between hectic schedules and impossible personal goals, it would feel nice and refreshing to slice off some time and organize a fundraiser to raise funds to go a welfare kitty for a nearby local dog shelter. Remember that these shelters and animal homes play an invaluable role in ensuring that our streets are safe, clean and not littered with homeless puppies. Sparing a dollar or two won't hurt but will go a long way.

2. Adopt a New Puppy

Puppies are not only cute and adorable but also loyal, playful and double up as excellent companions. If you don't have one yet - or feel like it is time you add a new one to the family - then this is the opportune time to visit a shelter and adopt a furry friend. And while at it, remember to have them vaccinated against common communicable dog diseases such as rabies and also have the sterilized.

The best way of extending your love and appreciation to your dog for their priceless presence at home is by carrying them to work on Friday, June, 23rd this year.

SOURCE: Pet Sitter, Dog Tipper
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