The Keys to Getting Your Cat’s Coat Shining

To get your cat's coat to shine, you have to feed it properly, groom it thoroughly, and ensure that it's in good health, a shiny cat is a happy and healthy cat.

Many cat owners give much attention to the appearance of their cats. As a result, people end up with cats that have dull, opaque, and unkempt coats. Collectively, we ought to take better care of our pets by ensuring that they are clean, properly fed, and in great health. A healthy cat with a shiny coat is much more fun to have around the house. Here are the steps you need to take to get your cat's coat to shine. 

Thoroughly groom your cat 

You should frequently brush your cat in order to improve the shine on their coat. Cats of breeds with more fur need more frequent grooming than those of with less fur. Select grooming brushes that are gentle on the cat. Most pet stores have good quality grooming brushes in stock. Brush your cat in a gentle manner, especially when you are working on sensitive areas such as the belly. Brushing gets rid of loose hairs, and it makes the cat's coat shiny. You can use the services of a pet groomer, or you can learn to do it yourself.

Occasionally bathe your cat 

Cats are notoriously afraid of water, and they are good at self-cleaning. However, an occasional bath is important for getting your cats coat shiny. Cats that are sick and unable to groom themselves will need more frequent baths than those that are healthy. Before bathing your cat, you should ensure that they are calm, happy, or even exhausted. You should also clip their claws to ensure that they don't scratch you. Wash your cat in a lukewarm bath in a warm room. Use a shampoo that is recommended by a veterinarian on the cat's coat, and then rinse it off thoroughly because the cat will start licking itself afterward. Dry the cat with a towel, and keep it warm until they have completely dried off. Use a damp cloth to clean off sensitive areas such as the face and the ears.

Feed, hydrate, and deworm your cat 

Cat foods that are rich in Omega fatty acids tend to improve the shine of the cat’s coat. Cats that drink plenty of water also tend to have shinier coats. A dull coat could be a sign that your cat has worms or even fleas. So to get your cat’s coat to shine, you should feed it according to your vet’s instructions, give it plenty of water, and occasionally deworm them.

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