This is National Train Your Dog Month–Classes Forming Now

Find Out A Few Benefits Of Having A Well-trained Dog.

Just in time for National Train Your Dog Month--Training classes are now forming for both puppies and older pets. Our "In House" trainer, Michelle, can help you now. Call us at 214-547-8387 for more details.

According to pet statistics, 37-47% of households have dogs in America alone. That's why, when it comes to living with a dog, there are a lot of things that a dog owner must do to ensure that their dog is always on its best behavior in and out of the house. One of this things includes training the dog. With The National Train Your Dog Month just a few minutes away, it is critical all dog owners learn a thing or two about the importance of having a well-trained dog.

Here's a fun fact about man's best friend; did someone just say, "it is raining cats and dogs??"

Well according to English history, this phrase came from the fact that during the 17th century, heavy rainstorms in England used to drown homeless animals (cats and dogs) leaving their lifeless bodies scattered all over the streets. That's why people would assume that it had actually rained cats and dogs:(

You should note that homelessness is often brought about by the lack of proper training and care. Many pets are euthanized in shelters simply because their owners did not like them. The owners did not train them and then they are mad at the pets for not having acceptable behavior. In most cases, untrained dogs do the following things;

  • Wonder around only to forget their way back home,
  • They can cause harm to innocent passers-by,
  • They can damage property,
  • They can harm themselves,
  • They can even cause harm to you.
  • Those are just a few disadvantages of having an untrained dog.

Since, dogs are meant to live harmoniously among human beings, then their behavior and interaction with their surroundings must be acceptable to you and those around you.

Dog Training; Something you should note!

Dog training is usually recommended during their puppy years. This is because it's easier to teach a puppy new things than it is to teach an old dog hence the phrase "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks." Remember that dogs are very keen animals, that's why it's easy to train them than other household pets.

Also during training, dogs (puppies) often "learn how to learn new things" making it easier for them to learn faster and better as the training progresses.

Here are a few Reasons why it is important to train your dog.

1. Training helps to boost your communication with the dog. Therefore, it will be easier to interact with the dog at any time.

2. Training also improves your dog's behavior in and out of the house. This means that you won't have to worry about how he's (she's) going to behave when you take him (her) out for a walk.

3. Improved Socialization Skills is also a critical benefit of training your dog. This is because your dog will be able to socialize and interact with people and other pets without getting angry or defensive.

These are just a few benefits of dog training. In fact, dog training merits are extensive. Therefore, take advantage of the National Train Your Dog Month to train your dogs (puppies) if you want them to grow to be adorable and loved members of your household.

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