Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

If your pet runs around on grass all day, you may have the job of trimming their nails on a regular basis. Dogs who are taken for a walk on pavements, for instance, won’t necessarily have this problem as their nails are constantly filed down.

Avoid Making your Pet Jittery

Of course, you can do the job yourself, but most people are a bit nervous doing it, fearing that they can accidentally clip in the wrong way and cause their pet anguish. As it is, the pink area of the nail is the live part which actually has blood vessels and which is known as the quick. 

Trimming in the wrong way can make the dog nervous and jittery, and most of our clients simply prefer to bring their pets into our office where we do it expertly, causing your pet as little trauma as possible. 

Trimming included with Grooming

Clipping the nails after bathing can help with the hardness issue, as they nails become softer.  When the nails haven’t been clipped for a while and where the nails are long, they can touch the ground, hooking on- and getting caught in anything. 

Nail trimming and grooming needn’t be something your pet fears.  The best way to handle it to simply bring your pet into us, as we are trained in the proper techniques and we have all the best dog grooming instruments to make short work of it. We’ve got a number of different nail trimmers which suit different dog sizes. We alternate between nail clippers for small breeds, pliers-style nail clippers for larger breeds as well as a scissors-type nail clipper.

We know too well that blunt trimmers will just split your pet’s nail. Sometimes if the nails aren’t too long we can just file them down to the desired length. We’ve got what is known as a Dremel, a type of grinding tool, which can be used to slowly file down the nails, which is safer than clipping. 

We Put your Pet at Ease

We always have some treats tucked away so that the nail trimming experience for your dog is just that much more positive. If on the rare occasion, we do cut a nail too short, we always have clotting powder or some other solution to stop the bleeding immediately. 

Just like us, dogs won’t have to feel in the actual nail, but the quick has a nerve, and when trimming the nail, you want to be very careful to avoid the quick to spare your pet a lot of pain. Bring him into us, and we’ll make sure the nail trimming part of their grooming is something they have without fear.

SOURCES: Pet Health Network

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