Useful Tips for Managing your Pets This Memorial Day

The long anticipated Memorial Day Weekend is just a few days away. Often seen by most people as the unofficial start of the fun-filled summer months after enduring the long cold wintry season, the Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect excuse for spending quality time outdoors with your loved ones. And what's a better a way of doing that than also tagging your cherished four-legged companions along? Whether you're barbecuing, partying or just up-and-about soaking in those glorious sun rays, your pet will also love to be there too! Nonetheless, it is still important to stay safe as much as you're having a ball in your backyard. Here is a quick primer of a collection of useful tips that could come in handy in preventing mishaps during this year's 'Dog Days' weekend.

1. Protect your Pets from Potentially Toxic Foods
Remind your guests to refrain from feeding your pets table scraps or party snacks. Chocolate, raisins, chocolate, avocado, grapes, and onions are examples of barbecue additives that are considered potentially toxic to certain breeds of dogs.

2. Don't Leave Pets Unsupervised
Pets, like toddlers, should never be left unsupervised while in the presence of potentially hazardous areas. Contrary to the common misconception, not all dogs and cats are good swimmers. Avoid leaving your pets near large pools of water/lakes/waterfalls. Speaking of which, make sure that your four-pawed companion has proper identification on them ( ID tag or an embedded microchip ) before you venture outdoors.

3. Be Mindful of the Heat Levels
Pets also get dehydrated quickly especially after spending endless hours outdoors. Ensure you have enough packed clean, fresh water for them and encourage them to take intermittent breaks from direct sunlight in a cool, shaded place. To add on this, discourage nibbling around by packing a few hearty snacks for them in addition to their water ration. Party smart.

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