Valentines Day Safety Tips For Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is almost here and though most people don’t think of safety tips for their pets on this love filled holiday, here are three important tips to keep your furry ones safe.

  • Keep your pet away from Chocolate and Sweets - You should know that chocolate, sweets, and pets don’t mix. Don’t leave sweets out where your pet can get to it. Chocolate can cause abnormally high heart rhythms in dogs. Just remember: The darker the chocolate the more deadly it is. Candies contain natural sweeteners that can be fatal to them as well. So lock those sweets up and save yourself a trip to the ER!
  • Make sure the flowers for your sweetheart are safe - The aroma of fresh flowers can entice your pets and stir up curiosity to smell or try to eat them. Be careful! Lilies can be toxic to cats and thorns from a rose can be swallowed. Again, something that many cat owners might not have thought about, so be careful when picking an arrangement and make sure it’s “animal friendly.”
  • Gift wrapping - Usually gift wrapping, bows or ribbons of any kind will attract your pets, especially your cat. When you open your gifts it’s important to clean up all gift wrapping so you don’t give your furry ones the chance to swallow anything that will pose any serious health risks.

So remember: when you are thinking about your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about your four-legged friends. Taking the extra steps to ensure that your pet is not in danger will save you some vet visits in the future. Our furry friends give us unconditional love and companionship year-round and deserve a show of affection from you, too!

If you have any concerns about these tips, you should always contact Dr. Greenwell at (214) 547-8387.

Sources: Petsafe, Pet Health Network  


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