Walking Your Dog Day

It is a special time for the owner to bond with his pet. It is also an opportune moment for pet lovers, most of whom are used to a sedentary lifestyle, to get up from their haunches and exercise a little.

I have had really energetic dogs. Walk(run) them on a reel leash and let them run-run-run!

Another nice bit of advice. Go to the dog parks very early on Saturday or Sunday, most people sleep in and your dog can have the park to themselves to run and be happy!

You’d also like to walk your dog on this day? If that is true, then you should ensure you have appropriate clothing and footwear for the outdoor conditions. Carry water as well as some plastic bags. The plastic bags will be useful in picking up the dog’s waste. Also, don’t forget to carry your mobile phone with you.

Across America, very few people, if any, shirk this noble responsibility of walking their dogs on this day, and that is because walking dogs is such an easy feat that you can do virtually anywhere. You may walk your pooch in the park, down the street, on the beach, in the forest- just anywhere you can think of.

This exercise is not just important for your dog- it is also good for you. And, you and your dog will get to socialize further if you decide to go for a walk. You’ll meet with other pet owners while the dog meets other dogs.

But, what if you do not have a dog to walk on the day? If you don’t own a dog, and you’d like to walk one on the National Walking the Dog Day, you can borrow one from a neighbor and get it walking.

If you are walking by the office, stop and visit James M. Greenwell, DVM, and staff. We always love to visit with you and your best friend:)

SOURCE: Pet Care RX, Days Of The Year
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