World Cat Day

Truth be told, no one doesn't love a fur ball that is a cute kitty. And August 8th this year has been set aside as the International Cat day or the official World Cat Day by the IFAW ( the International Fund for Animal Welfare ). It is co-ordinated by all animal welfare establishments from around the world, the goal here is to promote the awareness of the needs of cats around the globe. For the cat owner, this marks a special day to celebrate all things kitty and catty!

Here are some fun things to do on this day.

1. Read up on Fun Facts and the History of Man's Oldest Companion

Ask any cat lover, and they will gladly confirm to you that to them, every day is a cat day. Felines are not only docile and agreeable but also gorgeous and angelic. And it is rumored that unlike other domestic pets, such as dogs and horses, cats actually domesticated themselves. Yes, you heard that right. Cats become man's best companion all by themselves.

Take 30 minutes on August 8th, 2017 to educate yourself on some of these and many more interesting facts revolving around your kitty's world. For example, do you know that there are over 70 species/breeds of domestic cats in the globe? This only means one thing; Cats have been greatly valued over the years for their superb vermin extermination skills and irreplaceable companionship. Speaking of companionship, cats are such good buddies that even spinsters and widows are highly stereotyped to keep hundreds of this for their unequaled quality company. Most people don't also know this, but cats were worshiped in Ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphs of various cat paintings can still be seen even today in Cairo.

2. Time to Visit the Vet

It is surprising how some cat owners rarely pay any attention to the various facets of their cat's well beingness. When was the last time you took cute kitty for a comprehensive dental checkup, for instance? Are they spayed and neutered? How about heartworm and mites infestation? These are just some of the sensitive details regarding your cat's health that you may want to look into this coming August.

3. Finally, Let's Spread some Kitty Love

August is the furry season! There's no reason why you shouldn't be littering your social media timeline with cute pictures of your favorite pet to encourage sensitization of the dangers facing cats globally. Let's spread the love in this year's World Cat Day!

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