Dr. James M. Greenwell had dreamed of becoming a veterinarian since he was a very young child. His childhood pet, Penny, was diagnosed with an incurable disease, familial dermatomyositis. He made the decision that he would study hard and strive to be a doctor of veterinary medicine to help pets like his best friend Penny.

Starting in the ninth grade, Dr. Greenwell was admitted into the highly competitive Dallas Independent School District's Science Magnet School, now known as a gifted and talented program. His education consisted of advanced biology, advanced chemistry, advanced mathematics with calculus, and advanced physics. This training helped him place out of several college courses including English and Physics. Under the tutelage of several great high school mentors, such as Gary Atwood, Sophie Redditt, Dr. Robert (Bob) Roe, and Carl Sandberg, Dr. Greenwell was able to win multiple awards in science competitions including third place in the Dallas regional science fair his senior year.

From high school, Dr. Greenwell steamed forward to Texas A&M University where he studied biochemistry and worked at the Texas A&M Dairy performing research on cattle's diet as it relates to milk production. He also helped dolphins and whales performing research for the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a network of scientists trying to help marine mammals stay safer and healthier in our world's oceans. He was awarded the Priester scholastic scholarship for academic excellence. Most students are not admitted into veterinary school until after four years. Dr. Greenwell was admitted to Veterinary School after his Sophomore year of college. The youngest in his veterinary school class, he graduated with honors, made the Dean's List numerous times, and was elected to the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

After receiving his doctorate, at the age of twenty-four, Dr. Greenwell moved back to his hometown of Dallas. He worked for four years at Preston Royal Animal Clinic, local emergency hospitals, and several other clinics to gain experience, before opening his own hospital in 1991, serving Plano, Texas.

Dr. Greenwell's hospital has been voted as the best hospital of Collin County. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. He has served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Wellspring United Methodist Church. He is an ownership member of the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County, which helps care for sick or injured pets when general practitioners are unavailable, such as nights, weekends, or holidays. Dr. Greenwell is a member of a select group of veterinarians that are accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture for inspection of pets for international travel, exportation, and importation.

As a husband and a father of three, his major avocation is spending time with his family. His professional interests include internal medicine, laser surgical procedures, cold laser treatments for inflammation or pain, and the expanding field of new therapies such as platelet rich plasma and stem cell treatments. Dr. Greenwell attends numerous hours of continuing education each year to stay updated with the constantly advancing field of Veterinary Medicine.

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